First Data FD-Mobile Pay Credit Card Terminal. $35.

First Data is a leader in the mobile payment revolution with payment solutions and security to help drive ROI and enable your customers to conveniently pay using their mobile devices.

Tech savvy consumers are looking to maximize the capabilities of their advanced mobile device to make everyday tasks, including payments, more convenient. Smart phones can do everything from credit and debit card-based mobile payments to loyalty programs and coupons. With the help of First Data SourceConnect Trusted Service Manager Solution, you can turn an NFC-enabled mobile device into a secure wallet.


Key Components

“Wave and go” mobile credit card processing

Solutions that seamlessly integrate mobile wallet applications with an extensive suite of marketing and loyalty solutions

First Data PayEdge® Solution that offers merchants a cloud-based mobile payment solution which is ACH-based and facilitates secure, low-cost payments for merchants

Loyalty card information stored on customers’ phones that helps you build new, targeted, and effective loyalty initiatives

Direct promotions sent to consumers on the same mobile device they use to activate accounts and make payment method decisions