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First Data FD-410 Credit Card Terminal. $529.

The First Data™ FD410 Terminal is a lightweight, hand-held solution that lets mobile merchants accept payments at the point-of-sale—wherever the sale takes place. One wireless device that does the work of three: terminal, printer and Payment Card Industry PIN Entry Device (PCI PED)-approved PIN pad.

With its easy, touch-screen interface, the First Data FD-410 makes training and use a breeze. The terminal can handle transaction processing through credit, debit, gift card, paper warranty and electronic benefits transfer (EBT) – all from a single provider!


The Challenge

Many businesses, such as in-home services or trade-show retailers, operate and receive payment for services in remote locations. Traditional wired terminals are not portable or require power and communication outlets that are often not available. This makes it difficult for merchants to offer a variety of payment options, which can be inconvenient for customers. In a competitive marketplace, the inability to process electronic payments can be the difference between gaining or losing a customer.

The Solution

The First Data™ FD-410 Terminal is a wireless, hand-held point-of-sale device that merchants can easily use remotely to provide customers with the convenience of a full range of payment options. You’ll have access to wireless downloads wherever you are. And with the touch-screen interface, it is an easy product to train on and use. This terminal enables you to receive the full range of solutions for payment processing, including credit, debit, gift cards, paper warranty and electronic benefits transfer (EBT), all from a single provider. Plus, with the “store-and-forward” capability, you can ensure card-present rates when there is no signal at the time of the transaction.