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First Data FD-200 Credit Card Terminal. $399.

First Data™ FD200 credit card terminal is a brand new, super-fast credit card and check machine.The Telecheck FD200 can process transactions extremely fast through the internet when connected to an ethernet cable. FD200 has a touch screen interface.

FD200 Terminal payment transactions are processed through a WiFi (optional), IP or dial-up connection. Customer receipts are thermal printed with only the last four card numbers showing, to further protect against fraud and identity theft.


The Challenge

Today’s merchants know that customers are demanding more and more payment options. However, many POS terminals currently in use are not able to handle all of these options, and some make it difficult to add costly peripheral devices. Instead, merchant account types are looking for an all-in-one terminal that supports today’s payment options and is expandable for tomorrow’s processing needs.

The Solution

First Data™ FD200 terminal virtually eliminates the need to use several devices to process different forms of payment services. Through WiFi (optional), Internet protocol (IP) or dial-up communications, it quickly and securely processes transactions. It features an advanced, built-in check reader/imager to support the TeleCheck® ECA® and lockbox services, including warranty and verification options. Both TeleCheck® services help reduce the risk of accepting paper checks and save time by eliminating the need to physically take checks to the bank for deposit and processing. Such services also help protect consumers personal information, as their check is returned to them at the POS.

The terminal also offers fast downloads and features dual built-in printers, resulting in a space-saving footprint. The thermal printer handles receipts while the inkjet printer is dedicated to voiding checks, helping to speed transactions and conserve ink.